Benefits of Outsourcing To Us?

Did you know google loves social media.

Did you know that Google loves social media? Our SMM service will help save you time and get all the Google benefits!

Social networks are a minute by minute technology. You’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time on the detail and content to optimise your social media success. That’s before you start calculating the effect each account has on the search engines (Primarily Google), and what impact keyword has on your social media campaign, and how to achieve the most from “hashtags” etc. Whilst you are learning and evaluating all of this, you’ll also have to find time to post at least four times per business day to be regarded as “socially active” and therefore reap the rewards.

As Google likes unique images, tagged and posted, you’ll need to make sure you create and add at least a few of those per week and for each account. Images also make a Facebook page look more appealing than those that are pure text.

Absolutely the best way for your business to benefit from a successful social media campaign is to offload the “Day to Day” drudgery to us. We know precisely how to achieve an engaging social media campaign. One that stimulates thought, offers inciteful information and yet still remains relevant and engaging. Our team in Devon will be posting and tweeting for you at least 4 times a day. Your content will be “Google friendly”, easy to read and appealing to the end reader. This will keep your customers engaged and entertained while we work on next weeks post!