Control Panel Features

Control panel features include:

Powerful statistics

We track links, clicks and geographic location from your your social media campaign and your control panel presents this data in a set of responsive, interactive graphs and charts.

Tweet & post scheduler

We’ll schedule 5 days ahead, but there’s nothing to stop you adding value by creating and calendaring your own posts. You can also log in and schedule tweets and posts.

Daily review

Your master control panel shows an overview of all your activity in one place, making it easy for you to review today’s scheduled social media posts without drilling down.

Priority Rating

Some clients are a little more particular than others! We automatically check all content going out.

Advanced filtering

We check for grammar, spelling and localisation (or is that localization?!) based on the your target country. We also ensure posts are not too similar within a 5 day period.

Time zone sensitive

Our control panel handles timezones. Your schedule will be in your local time and your review page will show your posts in the correct order for your timezone.